Honwave T32-IE (4 Person) and Engine

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T32IE - BF
  • Air V-floor Inflatable Package
  • 3.2 Meters
  • 4 Person Capacity
  • BF2.3 Short Shaft upto BF15 Outbaord Engines
  • Tiller Handle

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T32IE - Air V-Floor (IE) Honwave Inflatable

Honda Warranty & Honda Dealers for over 50 Years

Where comfort meets performance

These fast, lightweight inflatables come fully loaded with a host  of features to enhance comfort and performance. The vibration-dampening floors help to smooth out even the roughest rides, while the deep V hull design optimises keel performance and stability at virtually any speed.

The Air V-Floor inflatables are perfectly suited to 4-Stroke engines. With rear inflated floor frim pads and responsive helm balance, they deliver effortless agility, stability and control.

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The HonWave comes with: 

  • Foot Pump & Hose
  • Carry Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • Manometer (Pressure Gauge)
  • Tie Rope
  • Seat


  • As rigid as a traditional floor, inflatable to an unsurpassed 0.8 bars
  • Revolutionary V hull design for optimum keel performance just like a RIB hull
  • Can be folded in just minutes with little effort
  • Ultra light and easy to transport
  • Additional buoyancy at the transom allows up to 20hp capacity
  • Ultra light weight with rigidity
  • Large tube diameter gives increased buoyancy and stability


BF2.3 Short Shaft - Outboard Engine

Machine Fully PDI'ed, Honda Warranty & Honda Dealers for over 50 Years

Huge fun in a small package.

The Honda BF2.3 is a lightweight, easily transportable and ideal for small boats, dinghies and canoes. And quite frankly, it is the engine that anyone can operate with no problem.

Powerfully simple

We have enhanced the BF2.3 with improved carburetion to give you and your junior boaters more power without increasing the engine weight. In fact, it offers the best power/weight ratio in it's class. To ensure safe, trouble-free navigation every time you can rely on easy one-hand access to both the throttle grip and the gear clutch and an emergency kill switch that attaches directly to the operators wrist.

Perfect for moving or staying in place

The BF2.3 is the smallest 4-stroke engine equipped with a neutral point on the market making it easy to stop the boat without having to kill the engine. Using the throttle grip, you can precisely adjust the engagement of the forward gear, giving you an accurate piloting touch. This comes in very handy when moving in and out of tight spots.

An even lighter side of fun

The BF2.3 is as light as it is 2-stroke counterparts, yet with all the benefits of Hondas four stroke technology. And even better yet, it has earned the strict Bodensee rating thanks to it's light fuel emissions.

  • Centrifugal clutch, offering smooth acceleration
  • Air cooled; ultra-low maintenance
  • One-litre built-in fuel tank
  • Large, ergonomic carrying handle
  • Emergency kill switch
  • Throttle grip & gear clutch on tiller handle for one-hand operation
  • Bodensee compliant
  • 360 engine rotation for high manoeuvrability
  • Low-depth navigation position


BF 5 Short Shaft - Outboard Engine

Machine Fully PDI'ed, Honda Warranty & Honda Dealers for over 50 Years


When enjoyment is one of your top priorities, operating the engine shouldn't be a challenge. The BF5 integrates essential features that give the operator a maximum level of comfort, safety and performance.
Portable and powerful
These powerful engines that carry you out to sea are the same engines you can carry back to your car with no problem. Thanks to their lightweight design and ergonomic carrying handle, you can take them anywhere you go! You can enjoy all the benefits of Honda 4-stroke technology yet with easily portable engines.
Just like the rest of the Honda family, the BF5 is very low in maintenance costs and the fuel consumption. And with all the nautical excitement you will have, there is a good chance you will get thirsty long before your engine does.
The Right Amount of Muscle 

You will be able to take advantage of significantly higher engine displacement for more low and mid-range power. So, even at low revs, you will have solid torque and the ability to move heavy hulls.


  • Large engine displacement for more power  
  • Large torque available at low/mid rpm  
  • Transistorised Ignition for optimum power supply  
  • Underwater exhaust to minimise noise  
  • RCD compliant  
  • Shallow-depth navigation possible  
  • Emergency kill switch  
  • Forward-Neutral-Reverse gears  
  • Start-in-gear security   
  • Oil pressure indicator light

BF8 & 10 Short Shaft - Outboard Engines

Machine Fully PDI'ed, Honda Warranty & Honda Dealers for over 50 Years

If your marine activities are incredibly diverse and you need the greatest level of flexibility possible, these are the engines you know you can rely on.
Leading the league in performance
This engine ensures optimum combustion thanks to a waterproof Digital Ignition system.
Manoeuvrability at your fingertips
The BF8 & BF10 is equipped with a large gear-shifting lever located in the engine front, an easy to use throttle friction knob and a tool-less steering friction lever that allow very easy operation. Also, a unique shock absorber system with pendulum motion eliminates vibrations to let you cruise in total comfort.
Safe and assured out at sea
You need an engine that won't fail you, especially when you are far from shore. The BF8 & BF10 gives you a range of valuable alert systems, including overheating, oil pressure and over-rev limiter. So you will always be sailing with confidence, no matter where your nautical adventures take you.
  • Digital ignition for optimum power supply   
  • Power Thrust versions available   
  • Recoil start or electric start with automatic choke   
  • RCD Compliant   
  • Pendulum motion engine mounts to eliminate vibration   
  • Large and ergonomic carrying handle   
  • Shallow-depth navigation position   
  • Tool-less throttle and steering friction knobs   
  • Oil pressure indicator light   
  • Overheat/over-rev alert systems   
  • 6 amp charging coil 

BF15 Short Shaft - Outboard Engine

Machine Fully PDI'ed, Honda Warranty & Honda Dealers for over 50 Years


Two engines that deliver unrivalled innovation to Hondas mid-power range. The BF20 and BF15 are ideal for most pleasure boats, sailboats, aluminium craft and small inflatable vessels. So now you can take the family out and make a splash!
Flexible handling
The BF20 and BF15 are the only engines in their class equipped with a power tilt feature, perfect for effortless engine-tilt operations and shallow-water running. And up to mid-rpm ranges, you can actually use this function as a trim to improve your boat performance at higher speeds.
Accelerating innovation
Providing smoother acceleration and enhanced fuel efficiency, Honda introduces to the BF15 and BF20 its proven PFM-IG technology, a micro-processor-controlled ignition system that optimises ignition timing at any speed. And for more security, you can rely on Hondas electronically controlled monitoring system.
Power Thrust to your destination 
Already the lightest in their class, each engine is available as a Power Thrust version that boosts torque from low revs using specially designed propeller blades and a high efficiency gear case. And for more power, the BF15 offers larger displacement than any other 15 hp engine in the world.
  • Digital ignition for optimum power supply   
  • Power Thrust versions available   
  • Recoil start 
  • Gear shift lever located in engine front for easy manoeuvring    
  • Pendulum motion engine mounts to eliminate vibration   
  • Tool-less throttle and steering friction knobs   
  • Oil pressure indicator light   
  • Overheat/over-rev alert systems   
  • 6 amp charging coil
More Information
Manufacturer Honda
Shaft Length Short
Control Type Tiller Handle
Starting Method Pull Start Recoil
Charging Coil No
Floor / Construction Type Airdeck (Inflatable Floor & Keel)
Capacity 4 Persons
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